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About the project

The idea of the project has originated from the so far experiences of cooperation between  Leonard Stockel Gimnazjum in Bardejov and Gimnazjum in Muszyna which started in  2005.

Both teachers and students have noticed that although they live so close (the distance between the two schools is only 40 kilometres) the both sides of the border lack the basic knowledge of  history, culture (film, theatre) including the local culture, tradition and habits of the regions of Sarisa and Sądeczyzna. Both languages, Polish and Slovak, although closely related, have many words which sound funny on both sides of the border and they also share  a lot of words that have the same pronunciation but mean something completely different. Diagnosis based on teachers and students’ observations have shown that such a lack of knowledge may result in the lack of trust, further misunderstanding and sometimes even in stereotypes and national prejudice. The directors and teachers of the cooperating schools have also stated that they do not know much about  the culture, film and theatre of their neighbouring country because school programs, both Polish and Slovak, do not include such issues.

The aim of the project is to change the current status quo throughout a deeper knowledge of the language, history and culture and consequently to change the attitude of  the teenagers towards themselves on both sides of the border. Both Polish and Slovak teenagers are very interested in such a form of cooperation and relations. The newest techniques of teaching and sharing the knowledge will be used in the project. To make the project the most effective we will use information and multimedia technologies including mobile interactive touch screens and language laboratories.

a) Aim of the project

Creating and strengthening personal contacts between Polish and Slovak teenagers and teachers of Leonard Stockel Gimnazjum in Bardejov and Gimnazjum in Muszyna, and in detail:

1. Introducing the culture (film, theatre) of the friendly schools’ countries.
2. Promoting folk habits (music, regional cooking and clothes) of the regions of Saris and Sądeczyzna.
3. Developing the interest in the history of the neighbouring country including cultural relics of  Polish and Slovak borderland.
4. Creating better social communication of teenagers and teachers.
5. Creating the attitude of  respect and understanding for cultural values of the neighbouring country (fighting the stereotypes and xenophobia)

b) Participants

The finally chosen group will consist of students attending the friendly schools aged from14 to17 and their teachers. The final number of the participants is 20 students from Gimnazjum in Muszyna and 20 students from Leonard Stockel Gimnazjum in Bardejov, 30 teachers participating in a language course (15 Polish and 15 Slovak teachers), about 350 citizens taking part in an open to all outdoor party and  about 100 participants  of a summarising conference.

c) Enrolment

Students taking part in the project will be chosen by a survey prepared by the partners. Each school can send 20 students (ten boys and ten girls). There will be special criteria, such as the average mark in the school year of  2008/2009, the mark in History, English, Physical Education and a positive mark of the candidate’s behaviour. Teachers will be appointed by the coordinators of the project, equally according to the sex. Participants of the outdoor party will be mainly the parents invited by the students. The conference participants will be the students, representatives of parents, representatives of the local authorities, the press, the radio and the television – all specially invited.

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