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Planned activities – events to be organised in the project


1. Supervising the project – a supervising team will be created to realise the tasks of the project.

2. Promoting the project – during a parent-teacher meeting the coordinator of the project will give information about the implementation of the project, introduce its aims and the rules of enrolment. Leaflets and posters will be delivered as the visual advertisement of the project. A website will be created (in Polish, Slovak and English) and administered by Gimnazjum in Muszyna.

3. Slovak language course – 60 hours of Slovak language classes conducted by qualified teachers from Slovakia. The classes will take place in a language laboratory equipped with a mobile interactive touch screen cooperating with a laptop and a projector.

4. Polish-Slovak language course for teachers (15 hours) – it will be a 3 day trip in tandem with a language course.

5. Film and theatre culture evening – there will be 1 trip for Polish and Slovak students to the cinema in Nowy Sącz to see a Polish film and 1 trip, also for Polish and Slovak students to the Groteska Theatre in Krakow to see a play. Before the play students will take part in a workshop during which they will be able to direct their own play and make their own filming.

6. A journey through the history – a history workshop called “History and regional traditions of Slovakia”. There are going to be 4 meetings, each lasting 3 hours, conducted by a qualified teacher from Slovakia.

7. Regional culinary delights and regional “noise making” – an open to all outdoor party called “Muszyna and Bardejov music playing”. The party will be held in the amphitheatre in Muszyna. Regional music groups will be presented during the event as well as regional cooking called “Muszyna and Bardejov culinary delights”.

8. Summer language school – a 12 day trip for Slovak and Polish students in tandem with a language course. The students will be accommodated equally, according to their nation. During everyday workshop classes they will be creating a Polish-Slovak phrasebook containing the basic communication phrases. There are going to be 2 hours of classes every day. Polish and Slovak regional dance competition is also going to be organised during the trip.

9. The album – an album in A4 format based on materials collected during the project, such as newspaper articles, photographs and interviews, will be published. Additionally, the album will contain useful information on how to take care of the cultural values and the  Polish-Slovak phrasebook created during the summer language school. Last but not least, the album will also promote hiking.

10. Summarising conference – a one day conference in Muszyna in which all the people participating in the project will take part. Additionally, the representatives of the municipal authorities of the partner countries, the superintendent of schools and the representatives of the local press and television will be invited to the conference. During the conference there is going to be a presentation of the album and the participants of the project. The results of the project as well as the views of further cooperation will be thoroughly discussed. The participants of the conference will be also given albums and leaflets promoting the project.

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